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August Intake Students Fully Introduced to the KIU Culture.


By Isaac Akugzibwe

KIU, Main Campus - A three day orientation of the August intake students that ended on Wednesday 9th December, 2020 not only introduced students to university life but also the culture of doing things the KIU way.

The overall consensus from students who attended online and those that witnessed physically is that the event was fruitful. They commend the university administrators for displaying exquisite hospitality that made them feel at home.

Damali Joan, a student of law, said that she feels relaxed after attending the orientation.

"I was a bit confused before the orientation because I really didn't know what to do at any moment but now I feel ok and relaxed," Damali admitted.

Another student, Olara John, an aspiring teacher said that the orientation helped him to understand the way things are supposed to be done at KIU. John admitted that he had started feeling at home after spending almost all the time since he was admitted in a state of confusion.

"The orientation made me start feeling at home after weeks of struggling with directions," John said.

During the orientation, students received guidance from key university administrators and were introduced to a new life of the university, as well as guiding them on the code of conduct and freedoms recommended by the university administration.

New students will officially start their online studies on 14th December 2020.

However students have been advised to visit the student’s portal on the university website to start their online studies via