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Be humble - KIU Guild Union President to Junior Leaders


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - President Jacob Musiimenta has urged young leaders to stop boasting when they assume positions of leadership.

 While speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the KIU NRM Chapter's new leadership at Almaz Hotel in KIU on Sunday, May 16th, Musiimenta called upon the young leaders to remain humble.

KIU's supreme student urged leaders to avoid boasting and forgetting the responsibilities that await them. He called upon all young leaders especially those in the KIU perimeters to maintain a good and utmost personal relationship with their voters and always keep track of goings-on on the ground. He added that being humble is the only way leaders can maintain their dignity and spirit of service.

"As leaders, we must avoid boasting around when we assume these positions, all we need is to be humble and remain close to our electorates. With that we can be able to preserve our dignity and spirit of service," Musiimenta said.

He added that those serving under the NRM umbrella should be able to do things that embrace nationalism. He said that since the NRM is the ruling party, the leaders of the KIU NRM Chapter need to work towards the achievement of supremacy in the University and in the society.

"NRM is a national party and there is no doubt about that. So as the chapter, you have a lot to do in order to embrace a national spirit of the ruling party. You are the ambassadors for the party here and also outside KIU," he added.

Jacob Musiimenta is the 9th consecutive NRM-leaning Guild President at Kampala International University.