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Bunyoro-Tooro Students Association Participate in Games to Mark Their Sports Day


KIU, Western Campus – Bunyoro-Tooro Students Association (BUTOOSA) of KIU Western Campus held their Sports Day on Saturday, April 20th 2024 where they competed against each other in a variety of sports activities.

According to the president of BUTOOSA, Jamila Akiiki Kemigisa (center in the picture), the Banyoro defeated the Batooro in football, volleyball and tug-of-war, while the Batooro came out on top in dodge-ball and the eating competition.

They also had other competitions like sack-racing, which was won by the Batooro, and net-ball, where the boys defeated the girls with 7-6 goals.

Kemigisa said they hold their sports day every year to bring students together, have fun and help them beat homesickness because they compete against people with whom they speak the same language, which reminds them of home.

“We hold the sports day because we want to bring students of Bunyoro-Tooro cultures from all the schools and faculties together to have fun,” Kemigisa said.

“It also helps us relieve the stress of books and we teach each other different games which some of our colleagues might not know, like board games,” she added.

BUTOOSA also frequently engages in games against other cultural associations. At the beginning of this month, they played a football game against the Baganda Nkobazambogo Students Association (BANKOSA) who defeated them 4-3.

Cultural associations play a big role in uniting students because they help them find their unique identities by surrounding themselves with others who can talk about shared cultural struggles.