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Campus News: Student Network Organization Calls for Abstracts for Scientific Webinar


KIU, Western Campus – The Student Network Organization (SNO) - Africa, is calling for abstracts for the first webinar series on the role of Medical and Allied Health students in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNO is a student international organization promoting student participation in the process of universal healthcare construction.

KIU students from the schools of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences are invited to submit in their abstracts, which are required to be less than 250 words and should be submitted to not later than 20th May.

According to a statement from SNO-Africa, the abstracts should preferably focus on sanitation and hygiene, rural and informal communities, innovations to address PPE, ways to address vaccines and medicines, lessons and possible solutions from the pandemic, and urban and under-served populations.

The webinar itself will take place on 31st May and it will provide an opportunity for students to learn and share different approaches being utilized to flatten the pandemic curve. It will feature keynote speakers and will also have multiple rounds of short presentations.

The President of SNO, Yassein Kamal confirmed that he will take part in the webinar, and encouraged KIU students to participate widely.

“KIU students are very welcome in the webinar. I am very happy to hear that they will take part and yes, I will be there on the webinar,” Kamal, a Gezira University (Sudan) medical student, communicated via WhatsApp.

The SNO Regional Representative for Africa, Julius Nuwagaba encouraged students to participate because there is a lot to be learned.

“This webinar is an opportunity for students to share and learn during this pandemic, regarding their role as future health workers,” Nuwagaba said.

SNO is affiliated to The Network Towards Unity For Health (TUFH), an international organization which roots for universal access and equitable delivery through public involvement by connecting health academic institutions, health associations and health institutions.

Picture Credit: SNO-Uganda