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Civil Engineering Students Pay Industrial Site Visit to Tausi Tea Factory


KIU, Western Campus – Civil Engineering students from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) paid an industrial site visit to learn about a structural steel installation at Tausi Tea Processing Factory on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024.

The third-year Engineering students were accompanied by Emmanuel Ogwal, Joseph Malisaba, and Emmanuel Ninsiima who are assistant lecturers in the Department of Civil Engineering.

According to Ninsiima, who is also the research coordinator for the Department, the study tour was organized to provide students with practical exposure to construction site operations and processes, complementing their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

“The students learned several practical aspects of construction that may not necessarily be covered in the classroom setting,” Ninsiima said. 

“These include firsthand observations of construction techniques, safety protocols, equipment usage such as grinders and cranes, and real-world challenges encountered during the construction of a steel frame structure and mass retaining wall,” he added.

Ninsiima said that collaborative activities such as study tours offer universities the opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

They enhance students' understanding of their field of study, foster critical thinking, and promote networking and collaboration among students, faculty, and industry professionals. They also strengthen the university's reputation and contribute to its academic and research excellence.

He disclosed that the students gained invaluable practical insights into construction processes, safety measures, and equipment usage.

“They had the opportunity to see real-world applications of their academic knowledge, which can enhance their problem-solving skills and prepare them for future careers in Civil Engineering,” he revealed.

SES students regularly go on study tours utilizing the opportunity of being close to various installations like Igara Growers Tea Factory, Tausi Tea Processing Factory, and Nyamagasani I Hydroelectric power plant in Kasese district.