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Clinical Medicine registers 94% pass rate

Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health registered a pass rate of 94% after 46 of the 49 students who sat for the pre-registration exam passed.

The exam tests students’ skills having sat an accredited programme. It sieves students to see who’s competent and who’s not.

The course, which is in the new curriculum created by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in April last year, was adopted by Kampala International University, borrowing a leaf from other universities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The 46 students who passed the course were given a certificate of competence to do a six-month supervised placement at a regional referral hospital, after which they can be given a licence to practice.

Graduates from this course are first liners in the health care system and have more skills than the advent Clinical Officer.

A graduate Clinical Officer (C.O) can work in the community, like at district hospitals through Health Center IV’s and III’s.

The three who did not pass the paper will reapply and re-do the exam in July this year.