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College of Economics & Management Holds Workshop for Procurement Students


KIU, Main Campus - On 28th February 2020, the College of Economics & Management, under the Procurement Students Association at Kampala International University, conducted a one-day workshop under the theme: "Current Trends, Procedures, Policies, and Future Expectation in Procurement."

The purpose of the workshop was to equip students with more knowledge regarding the current trends in procurement, sensitise the students on how procurement is conducted in Uganda, and also understand the professional code of ethics for procurement officers.

According to the association President Musoke Huzaifa who was also the organiser of the workshop, the seminar was aimed at enriching students with the outside knowledge regarding procurement in the job market.

He also stated that the students needed to acquire more knowledge in regards to the PPDA Amendment Act of 2003 in regards to public procurement and disposal of public assets.

Many Universities were in attendance including Kyambogo University, Makerere University Business School, Uganda Martyrs University, Nkumba University, Cavendish University, International University of East Africa, and Bugema University.

The workshop was facilitated by; Obadia Muhanguzi from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, and also the Chair Leader of Institute of procurement professionals in Uganda; Okida Patrick, Chairman Chartered Institute of Procurement; and Kabanda Nicholas, Students Leader at the Chartered Institute of Procurement. 

During the workshop, the students were encouraged to know the professional code of ethics in their field.

Obadia Muhanguzi shared on sustainable procurement, knowledge about public procurement, and disposal of public assets and Institute of procurement professionals in Uganda.

Amusolo Sharon, a first-year student of procurement, said this was one of her best seminars so far and hopes to take her course serious because it's one of the most exciting professions in the world.