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College of Education Educates and Trains Post Graduate Students on Research

On 14th February, 2020, the College of Education. Open and Distant Learning (CEODL) held her second Post Graduate (PG) Seminar. This seminar was organized by the Research Team of the College comprising of the Associate Dean, Dr Suzan Akinkurole, Dr Ademola Olaniyan and Dr Afam Uzorka.

The purpose of this seminar was to enhance research, support supervisors and address all the issues related to research. The research team made two presentations; selection of a research topic/introduction to research and literature review.

It was an interactive session where the PG students in the College had the opportunity to ask all questions related to their research work. The students were enlightened on how to conduct their research.

According to Dr Suzan, "this is the second PG Seminar, the first seminar was held in November, 2019. The research team will be organizing two PG seminars per semester. This is the first one for this semester"

The seminar had a larger number in attendance than the previous seminar in November, “We had a bigger turn up of students today so we decided to have a recap of what we had in the last session. This is to ensure that we are all on the same page even those who missed the first one,” said Dr Ademola Olaniyan, one of the research coordinators.



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