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College of Education Scoops First Position in Inter School/College Debate Tournament.


KIU, Main Campus - On 11th March 2020, the College of Education was announced winner of the 1st Annual Inter School/College Debate.

The debate that lasted three days came to an end with the College of Education taking the first position, and School of Law taking the second.

The theme of the debate, "African Youth", targeted the challenges that the East African youth face in spite of which countries they came from.

The Motion, "This house regrets the rise of motivational speaking industry in Africa," was aimed at assessing the impact of motivational speakers in East Africa.

Nakimera Pearl received the award for Best Public Speaker Award in the tournament.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Janice Busingye, who is also the patron of the debate club said she was delightful to be part of the tournament and encouraged those who lost not to give up. She offered to give full support where she could to the club.

"I pledge that I will give full support to the club. And where I can not, we shall find alternatives," she said.

According to Kisembo John Guest, President of the KIU Debate Union, this was such a great opportunity.

"We are here to learn and hopefully, we shall become great public speakers and debaters," he said.

Ididi Roshebel, one of the debaters from the College of Education, said that the competition was stiff but nonetheless, they pulled their weight and won.

"I am really excited that we won, and I look forward to more wins. The competition was tight but regardless, we emerged victorious," she said.

Lukenge Asha-Du, one of the debaters from School of Law, says that the second position was earned, and that they put in a lot of effort.

"Always in a game there is a winner. I am glad our colleagues in the College of Education won the trophy. This will keep other colleges motivated to participate more in the next edition of the debate," Lukenge said. 

"I have learnt a lot and I love debate more now. I am proud of myself and I now know I can do the impossible. I used to hate debates but now I am in love with them," he added.