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COVID-19 Updates: Free Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine

By Agnes Kiconco

KIU, Main Campus - As the government of Uganda continues to wait for the 18 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Ministry of Health has pointed out that the drug will be administered free of charge.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyona, clarified that the placed order for the vaccine will be delivered by the Serum Institute of India and more so, first distributed to persons aged 50 and above, health workers, security personnel, teachers plus other persons with underlying health conditions.

All eligible individuals will receive 2 doses of the vaccine that will be separated by 28 days.

Meanwhile, Uganda continues to register more cases of Coronavirus, an indicator that the virus is still with us.

According to results of COVID-19 tests done on Tuesday, February 2, 2021,  34 new cases were confirmed, making it 39,685 cumulative confirmed cases, 2 COVID-19 deaths and 327 total number of deaths. 

With the cumulative number of cases, we ought to observe the set health guidelines that is; washing hands regularly, social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding crowded places so as to regulate the spread of the virus as we wait to acquire the vaccine.