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Cultural Associations at the Peak of Preparation as Cultural Gala Nears.


KIU, Main Campus - The KIU Community has started experiencing ecstatic evenings with eccentric voices and echoes of different drum beats as different tribes prepare to exhibit the best of their cultures during the university’s most celebrated annual event organized by the Guild Union at the Main Campus premises, the Cultural Gala set for 14th March 2020.

From last year’s champions, the Bamasaba, to the Liberians under their umbrella body the Liberian Students Association, the overall consensus is that preparation is everything. As they look forward to revealing a surprise package come 14th March, the Liberians have resorted to daily rehearsals in order to fulfil their quest.

The Bamasaba who conduct their rehearsals behind the main campus football pitch are more than determined to make their beloved Kadodi rhyme again having initiated a number of new students who are talented in both singing and dancing their historic Kadodi.

Other association’s like the usual contenders, the Basoga Nseete, the Baganda Nkobazambogo, the Lango, and even contenders from Nigeria, South Sudan, Kitara, Toro, and Ankole among others are also conducting serious training in their individual camps behind the Main Campus buildings in pursuit of the best displays for the much-anticipated gala. 

The Cultural Gala is organised by the Guild Union under the Ministry of Culture, Religion and Entertainment in conjunction with the Students’ Affairs Department headed by the Dean of Students who also represents the overall university administration to make sure that the event is always harmonious and colourful.