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Davis Ssebayigga Hopeful of Clinching AMSKIU Presidency


KIU, Western Campus – Davis Ssebayigga, a fifth-year medical student, is hopeful of winning the race for being President of the Association of Medical Students of KIU (AMSKIU). We had a sit-down with him so that he can tell us his plans for the race.

Q: Why are you standing for this position?
A: I am standing for the position of AMSKIU presidency because I am deeply passionate about positively influencing the medical student community and ensuring that their voices are heard. I believe that I can bring about meaningful change and address the challenges faced by medical students, and I am committed to working tirelessly to enhance the overall experience of our members.

Q: How many people are standing for the position?
A: Currently, there are three candidates standing for the position of AMSKIU presidency.

 Q: What do you have on offer for AMSKIU?
A: As an aspiring AMSKIU president, I have a comprehensive outline of initiatives that I plan to implement for the benefit of our members. These initiatives include enhancing academic support systems, facilitating professional development opportunities, promoting mental health and well-being, fostering community engagement, and advocating for students' interests both within the institution and at national level. Additionally, I bring strong leadership skills and effective communication abilities. This will contribute to the overall growth and success of AMSKIU.

Q: What challenges do medical students face that you think you can solve?
A: Medical students face numerous challenges, ranging from academic pressures to mental health concerns, financial difficulties, and the need to balance personal and professional commitments. 
As AMSKIU president, I am committed to addressing these challenges by implementing support mechanisms, fostering a culture of open dialogue, collaborating with relevant stakeholders, and advocating for the well-being of our students.

Q: What makes you think you can win and why? 
A: I believe I can win the AMSKIU presidency because of my dedication, qualifications, and strong leadership skills. 
I have actively engaged in various student organizations, allowing me to gain valuable experience in advocating for student rights and welfare. Moreover, my compassionate and empathetic nature enables me to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and truly understand their concerns. By combining my academic achievements, leadership experience, and genuine commitment to serving the students body, I believe I have the capability to gain the trust and support needed to win this election.

Q: If you win, how would you like to be remembered as president? 
A: If elected as the AMSKIU president, I would like to be remembered as a dedicated and transformative leader who prioritized the well-being and success of every student. Through transparent and accountable governance, I aim to leave a lasting legacy of positive change that benefits the entire AMSKIU community for years to come.

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