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Department of Publication and Extension Concludes Faculty Sensitization on Research and Publication


KIU, Western Campus – The Department of Publication and Extension has today concluded its faculty sensitization workshops with a session focusing on the Faculty of Education.

The department has been sensitizing all Faculties and Schools at KIU Western Campus on research and publication and began with the School of Pharmacy on January 22.

The workshops were facilitated by Dr. Paul-Chima Ugwu Okechukwu who presented “Sustaining Academic Standards Through Publication”, Dr. Emmanuel Obeagu with “Different Types of Journal Publications and Academic Quality Journal Writing” and Eng Dr. Valentine Udoka Eze with “Academic Journal Visibilities.”

Dr. Ugwu Okechukwu told the researchers that publication and research can help in employment, promotion, getting grants, and closing the knowledge gap in their respective fields.

“When you do a research project and finish it, you have closed a knowledge gap in your field and when you close it, you are assisting in benchmarking,” Dr. Ugwu said.

He said that publication can lead to global collaboration. 

“When you publish, your works will be all over the internet. If there is a workshop in a foreign university, they will call you to present,” he added.

He also talked about the different metrics that are used to evaluate research including total citations, citation paper, H-index, publication output, authorship position, altmetrics, and i10-index.

He revealed how they are improving research in KIU by advising all lecturers to research and get visible, encouraging their students to publish, quality supervision of research, doing novel and virgin research, publishing more quality and quantity, forming collaborative research groups, and writing review articles and short communications.

Dr. Obeagu talked about the different types of collaborations and emphasized quality journal writing.

“Quality is important if you want to publish in a reputable journal. If you publish in good journals, you improve your reputation,” he said.

Dr. Eze concluded by speaking about the importance of visibility in journals and disseminating research effectively to a wider audience.