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Dr. Joseph Musiitwa Derives Joy and Pride From Teaching Medicine


KIU, Western Campus – At KIU’s 27th graduation ceremony, Dr. Joseph Musiitwa’s name was read out as one of the Master’s in Internal Medicine graduands, and deafening ululations rang out around the venue.

We took note and decided to seek him out and learn why. 

“Those were my undergraduate students,” he said. “They were simply showing their appreciation, in fact you should come and see the collection of gifts that they gave me,” he added.

I declined the offer, what I had witnessed on graduation day was testament enough.

Dr. Musiitwa says he derives so much joy and pride from teaching Medicine, especially when he sees his undergraduate students excel, not only in class but wherever they decide to go after school.

A former Medical student at KIU himself, Dr. Musiitwa says it is the mode of teaching of his former teachers that inspired him to pass on his knowledge to his students.

“I feel so much pride when I see my students doing well in class, and that is why I always encourage them to consult me in case they find any challenges with medicine, something I learnt from my lecturers when I was doing my Bachelor’s degree,” he reveals.

A beneficiary of the KIU Staff Development Scheme, Dr. Musiitwa says he will always be grateful to the Board of Trustees for this noble gesture, and promises to give his all to contribute to the overall academic agenda of the university.

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