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Dr. Twesigemukama Wants to Add Value to Paediatrics and Child Healthcare


KIU, Western Campus – Dr. Sabinah Twesigemukama recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Paediatrics and Child Care at KIU’s 25th graduation ceremony held at KIU Main Campus in Kansanga, and following this milestone, she says her biggest aim is to add value to paediatrics and child healthcare in any hospital she will ever work in.

Dr. Twesigemukama, who currently works at the paediatrics department of KIU Teaching Hospital, says she will also strive to reduce the infant mortality rate in Uganda.

“As a new member of the Paediatric Association of Uganda, I will join hands with the vast hardworking team aiming at reducing the neonatal and the infant mortality rate in Uganda,” Dr. Twesigemukama says.

She in no uncertain terms praises KIU for pushing her academic dreams.

“KIU has helped me upgrade in my academic career and profession to now a proud paeditrician who can perform at international level,” she says.

“It has also given me exposure and the opportunity to tap knowledge and skills from the different experienced professors, not forgetting the mighty staff development scheme which gave me the opportunity to advance in my profession,” she adds.

Dr. Twesigemukama says that she intends to superspecialize in paediatric cardiology and involve herself in a lot of paediatric research aiming at improvement of child healthcare in Uganda.

She calls upon anyone with the dream of achieving academic excellence to look no further than KIU because of its track record and international recognition as the best private university in Uganda.