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DSA for KIU Western Campus Encourages Students to be Focused and Determined


KIU, Western Campus – The Dean of Students Affairs (DSA) at KIU Western Campus Flora Bamutura (speaking in the picture) has encouraged students to be focused and determined as they begin the new semester.

KIU Western Campus officially opened for the new semester on January 8 with many continuing students returning from their Christmas break.

Other students of the January intake are also reporting for their first semesters at Uganda’s best private university, and Bamutura encouraged them to be focused and determined if they are to go through this semester successfully.

“On behalf of Students Affairs, we cannot wait to see how we continue to hit our mark in the new semester, new year,” she said in her new semester message to students.

“Be focused, be determined, use gratitude (appreciate God) and be holistic. This will help you balance and fit on this planet,” she added.

She also wished the students successes in the New Year which she predicted will be overflowing with fulfilling and exciting opportunities.

“To us all, with a lot of hard work and a good education anything is possible, that's what the KIU dream is about,” she noted.

She also told students that every right has to be earned every single day and they should not take their freedom for granted.

She added that just like the generations that came before the current ones, the students should do their part to preserve and protect that freedom.

She also warned them that they will come across challenges because it is natural that they come across them but when they are thinking of giving up, they should always remember the power of hope.