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Economics Team Wins KIU Somali Students Association Football Championship


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU's Somali students pursuing Bachelor of Economics and finance management beat their counterparts in project planning and management on Monday 6th February 2023 to win the first of its kind, the KIU Somali Students Association Football competition.

This competition is aimed at bringing Somali Students together as well as helping new students find friends who can help them get along with life in Kampala. According to Mustafa Abdihafid, the President KIU Somali Students Association (KIUSOMSA), the tournament which was entirely played at Henry's sports center in Kabalagala ran for three weeks.

"This tournament has spent three weeks, eight teams participated before the economics team and those of Project planning could beat them all to reach the finals I would like to congratulate students from Economics and finance management department for displaying great Football, congratulations," he said.

"We organized this tournament in order to create unity among Somali Students at KIU and our main focus was on the new students, we want them to feel at home in a strange environment," he added.

The awards ceremony was officiated by the KIU Guild Union Prime minister, Hon. Marvin Nsereko thanked Somali Students for loving the University and exhibiting a high level of Unity and discipline.

"First of all congratulations to the winning team and all of you for exhibiting a high level of discipline and Unity. Thanks, President Mustafa for this great innovation," he said.

Nsereko urged the Somali Students to also exercise their spirit of innovation and competition shown in Football in other University activities like the cultural gala and Academics.

" We as KIU Guild Union are proud of you and we know what you can do. I would therefore request you to show this level of innovation, competition, and unity in other spheres within the University, for instance, we have the cultural gala coming, You guys should be able to win that exhibition this time round," he added.

The final and awards ceremony were also attended by the Vice President of all Somali Students in Uganda, the chairman of the Somali Youth Hope Organization, and the former President KIU Somali students Association.

The Champions were presented with a trophy and an envelope containing One million Uganda Shillings while the first runner's up took home 500,000 shillings only.