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Edson Kansiime Tells Students who can Access Online Education to Utilize Chance


KIU, Western Campus – Edson Kansiime, a fourth-year Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery student at KIU Western Campus has advised fellow students who have access to online learning materials to utilize this chance and concentrate on their studies.

Kansiime, who is at the clinical stage of his studies, which requires hands-on training and physical interface with patients and lecturers, says he rues the fact that he can’t continue studying during the lockdown.

“To fellow students, my advice is that embrace the models put in place for you especially online learning,” Kansiime says.

He says those like him who require hands-on training can try to apply for internships in community health centers where they can help out with basic medical tasks.

Kansiime says he is spending his time practicing some small-scale agriculture and keeping within the hospital environment by helping out at a health center he applied to train from.

“I can’t do much given the stage I am at now (clinical) which requires student-patient interaction to learn, which is tricky to do right now,” he explains.

Like many other citizens, he believes the government and population should use the current lockdown to learn lessons they didn’t learn last time so that when the lockdown is eventually lifted, we can avoid another surge in COVID-19 cases until mass vaccination is carried out.

“Let the concerned vaccinate the population and put medical equipment in hospitals at all levels to cater for those who are ill as we wait to see us all vaccinated,” Kansiime opines.

He warns his fellow students against drug abuse, saying he has seen many other youths in the community resorting to drugs because of idleness.

“Please, and please, desist from this (drug abuse) and find things to keep you busy,” he advises.

He vests his hope in God to deliver us from the virus, remarking that even after vaccination, safety is not guaranteed.

“My prayer is that God intervenes and saves us from this strange virus. Seemingly, there is no assurance even after being vaccinated,”

“And I pray that our leaders keep guided and always lead us on the right path amidst the pandemic,” Kansiime concludes.

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