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Executive Board of AMSKIU Organizing AMSKIU Soccer Gala


KIU, Western Campus – The executive board of the Association of Medical students of KIU (AMSKIU) is organizing the AMSKIU soccer gala that will take place from March 25 to 26.

The gala, whose main aim is uniting all medical students of KIU as one of the objectives of association, will have both men’s and ladies’ teams jostle it out for the title.

According to Amon Nkwasibwe, the president of AMSKIU, all Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery students’ classes will compete and at the end of the tournament, AMSKIU executives will pick the best players to represent KIU at the Federation for Uganda Medical Students Associations (FUMSA) soccer gala at Gulu University.

The games will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm and the best teams will be rewarded.

“The gala is being fully funded by AMSKIU and the winners will take home a trophy as well as a goat. We are doing this because it is through sports that we can easily unite students. We have been having a lot of talents but they are not exposed because there is no stage for them to go on show” Nkwasibwe told this website.

He also revealed that AMSKIU is planning a mega sports fest that will include not only football but volleyball and basketball as well.