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Explorer of the Day: Mass Comm's Whitney Mwolobi Dreams in Colour


For many people, a sense of fashion is driven by imitation, but for Whitney Mwolobi, a third-year student of Mass Communication, the motivation to explore new styles comes from within not without. And most especially for her, it's the love of colour.

Mwolobi explains that colors are something she's always admired since her childhood. We engaged her in a brief interview to share with us her story and inspiration regarding her fashion sense, and also to know what drives the "explorer" in her.

Qn 1.Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Whitney Mwolobi. I am a third year student at KIU, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication.

Qn 2. What inspired your newest hairstyle?

Fashion has been in me. I have always wanted to be different from others.

From my childhood years, I always loved green. Most of my playing toys and clothes were in colour green.

Also, I went for green because I wanted to reflect the brand of my university, considering that it's her theme colour.

So green is my favorite colour.

Qn 3. Do you see KIU nurturing your fashion career?

Yes I do. KIU brings different students from different corners of the world. These students have a diverse sense of fashion. Fashion is a universal language that can communicates loudly. If you listen, there is a lot to learn from everyone.

Qn 4. What do you love about KIU?

I love the environment. It's very conducive for learning. I also love the lecturers because they are professional. l have never experienced harrasment of any kind like you hear from other universities. So, I am humbled to be part of this great institution.

Qn 5. What's your take on the Ugandan Fashion Industry? 

It's definitely growing. But I believe more effort is required to boost the industry.

Qn 6. Do you plan to venture into fashion in the future?

Definitely, KIU is grooming me up through my communication course. With fashion you need to be able to design and send a message. So yes I will surely do so.

Qn 7. Women are celebrating the International Women's Day on 8th March. Any word for the young girl within and out of the university?

Always know what you want. Don't allow anyone to devalue you. You are precious and special and everyone is unique in their own way. Know your limits but always strive to achieve your goals.