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Explorer of the Day: Mubangizi Hopes to Improve the Youths Livelihoods


KIU, Western Campus – Our “Explorer of the Day” is Sebastian Mubangizi, a clinical officer and third-year-student pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. The soft-spoken, lanky gentleman is also an aspiring politician and hopes to become an MP soon.

Mubangizi, a genuine product of the KIU community has spent more than six years in the KIU ecosystem and credits KIU for giving him the education he needed to become a successful clinical officer.

Next, Mubangizi has his eyes sent on becoming the Western Youth MP in 2021. Inspired by his will to make a difference, the clinical office believes he can improve the well-being of disadvantaged youth in Western Uganda.

“Many youths in Western Uganda are dependent on their parents, and others have drifted into the abyss of drug addiction,” Mubangizi says. “Through sensitization on activities like beekeeping, mushroom and fruit growing, they can turn their lives around because they have unutilized land.”

The enterprising clinical officer/aspiring politician has his feet set in the world of entrepreneurship as well.

“I am doing business with a Kenyan friend, with whom we buy ‘bitenge’ (traditional African wear) from DR Congo and then export them to Kenya,” he says.

Surely, Mubangizi shares in the spirit of “Exploring the Heights.”