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Facts About the KIU Law Clinic


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Several students and people who visit our main campus often wonder what the purpose of KIU Law Clinic really is, and what is done therein. Whereas many think it is a medical clinic meant for law students, only a few have taken a step to find out what it actually does. Today we bring you everything you didn’t know about this clinic.

The KIU Law Clinic is a medium of delivering clinical legal education in two broad objectives of education and social justice.  The clinic assists vulnerable persons, communities in the areas of tenancy eviction, rights of casual and low-income workers, refugee rights, child protection, and more.

It is supervised by trained clinicians, qualified lawyers, and law lecturers who train students with practical legal skills in dealing with real clients and solving actual problems, and for the most part blend legal theory with practice in preparing students for a successful legal career.

Established in 2018 under the motto, Exploring the Heights of Justice, the Law Clinic has trained a number of law students on matters of practice and it has also educated many students and staff about human rights and very many legal procedures.

It was founded by Oke Samuel Olubenga in 2008. Olubenga has ever since served as the Patron of the KIU Law Clinic. He is considered by both students and colleagues to be the best lecturer in the Department of Law and Jurisprudence in the School of Law.

According to Norman Nuwasiima, a member of the Labour Rights wing of the KIU Law Clinic, all the services offered by the clinic are free of charge. He says that the priority is given to KIU students and staff, though it is open to anyone in need of legal aid in the community and country at large.

‘’We give Legal aid to everyone in need but priority is always given to students, staff, and people within the perimeters of KIU,’’ Norman explains.

One is required to be a law student of KIU and must present a valid university ID and two passport size photos in order to be recruited as a member of the KIU Law Clinic. However, membership, like the services, is also free of charge.