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Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry Orients Its Pathology Students


KIU, Western Campus – The Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry at KIU Western Campus oriented its pathology students in an exercise conducted on August 17 in the University Main Hall.

The students, who are transitioning from the preclinical or basic sciences stage to the clinical years, were taken through insightful guidance talks by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) and their lecturers and administrators.

The clinical years transition the medical student of the classroom into the student doctor in the hospital setting. 

This Pathology class will study in different departments in the 7 hospital satellite sites which are, the Regional Referral Hospitals of Fort-Portal, Hoima, Mubende, Lira and Jinja plus Kayunga and Kiryandongo Hospitals in addition to KIU Teaching Hospital.

 The DVC Prof. Frank Mugisha Kaharuza informed the students that the reason for this orientation was that they were moving to another level, and warned them to concentrate on their studies.

“If your lecturer says you should be on ward, be on ward. Don’t think that because you have performed one caesarean section, you are now an expert. None of us is. Every delivery is unique, the procedure is the same but each delivery is different,” Prof. Kaharuza told them.

The Dean of the Faculty Dr. Maxwell Okello started off his talk with a tribute to Dr. Surat Akib, the Deputy Dean, hailing her for her service to the KIU medical school over the years.

“Mama Akib came to this Faculty 2 years after it started and we all passed through her hands. Everywhere you go in Uganda, you can’t fail to find a KIU doctor, and they have all passed through her,” he revealed.

Dr. Maxwell advised the students to mind about their appearance, saying that medicine is peculiar and peculiarity begins with how you are dressed because dressing speaks volumes.

He also strongly warned them against involving themselves in romantic relationships because they were not yet ready financially and emotionally, reminding them to always remember the sacrifices their parents have made to put them through medical school.

“Strongly stay away from relationships because you are not mature enough. First of all, relationships need money and the little money you have is also given to you,” he advised.

“Also, your hearts are not yet strong enough to withstand heartbreaks and not strong enough to sustain relationships vis-à-vis the reason why you are here,” he added.

The session was concluded by Dr. Akib who reminded the students that the pathology class has 8 course units and they had to pass all of them. She also advised them to always help those whom they deem weak in class because this class requires teamwork.