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Fighting Coronavirus Together: New COVID-19 Testing Machine Launched


A new machine that eases testing for COVID-19 has been launched by a locally registered company called Africa One Logistics Limited, according to Daily Monitor

The Electronic Disinfectant Stand, as it is called, reportedly takes temperature and does automatic hand and underfoot sanitizing, with no contact between the person making the test and the person being tested.

The machine comes in two models, the M and S models, with the M model suited for places with large gatherings while the S model is smaller.

The M model has doors which do not open to restrict a person with high temperatures from leaving.

One unique attribute of this machine is that it has ramps to cater for people with disabilities and allow them to be tested as well.

As the country experiences a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, especially the capital Kampala, which has registered more than 66% of the country’s positive cases in the past week and 40% of deaths, the Electronic Disinfectant Stand might come in handy to enable mass testing and help fight COVID-19.

Picture credit: Daily Monitor