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Freshers 2020; Gideon Godwill is Our Future Counselor

Being a new student can at times be intimidating but this was not the case with Gideon (KIU).

During the orientation session, he was very curious about how the university’s systems worked and how he could access all the services provided as he listened in and asked each of the presenters questions.

We were compelled to have a conversation with him because he was such a ball of fire during the session.

“The learning environment of KIU is exceptionally good, especially the library setting. I can’t wait to utilize all the amazing services offered so that I can excel in my exams as well as enhance my life in general,” said Gideon Godwill Charles

Gideon hails from South Sudan and he is currently pursuing a Certificate in Guidance and Counseling. He believes he will acquire the skills needed to help his community back home in South Sudan.

He added that as a matter of fact, he would encourage his friends and relatives to join KIU so they don’t miss out on this good academic experience.