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Freshmen 2020: Nabatanzi Kyazze is Our Educator of Tomorrow


It’s Day Three of the student orientation week, there is nothing out of the ordinary except a one, Nabatanzi Assey Kyazze, who radiated such hopeful energy, she had our attention.

She had a way about her, from her interaction with students and also with us. Perhaps, it was the warmth of her greetings or maybe it was just her infectious smile.

We had to meet her. At the end of the orientation session, we walked up to her for a quick chat. She was more than excited to share her story with us, and not surprisingly, we were able to find out what gives her such a beaming presence.

“Am grateful to have an opportunity to go to school, but mostly to join the KIU community,” said Nabatanzi.
Nabatanzi is a Ugandan student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with Education and hopes to build a school of her own when she is through with her course.

“With the knowledge and skills that I am going to acquire from KIU, I want to build my own school so that I can create learning and employment opportunities for other people who are struggling financially,” stated Nabatanzi.

She added that in future, she wants to give bursaries to students who are financially struggling so that the poverty cycle ends.