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Get vaccinated and avoid another lockdown,KIU Guild President,Jacob Musimenta warns


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - KIU's Guild President Jacob Musimenta has warned Ugandans about the possibility of a third lockdown if they don't avoid being negligent and complacent.

While appearing on the Youth Link talk show on Saturday 16th October 2021 hosted by KIU products, Elizabeth Ankunda and Caroline Ikiriza on SETV Africa, Musimenta noted that several Ugandans have stopped observing the guidelines against the spread of COVID-19 as stipulated by the ministry of health.

Musiimenta urged fellow students and the general public to get vaccinated as the only way of avoiding the outbreak of a third wave of the contagious COVID-19.

"We don't want another lockdown but we may inevitably need it if things get worse. The president (Museveni) keeps telling the country to observe SOPs and get vaccinated for the economy to open up but before all this happens getting vaccinated is the only way to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and to also end possibilities of a third Lockdown," Musimenta submitted.

" Getting vaccinated is voluntary and forcing students to get the jab is not within my area of influence but being a student's leader, I can only encourage them to access different vaccination points organized by government and get vaccinated," he added.

He acknowledged the fact that KIU has tremendously done well to keep up with the prevailing COVID-19 situation and that teaching and learning can still continue even when the third wave of COVID-19 strikes to prompt a third lockdown.

" Well, at KIU, everything is now okay for we continued even when the President announced the second lockdown. We did the end-of-semester exams online and everything went on well. Even now we are studying online and next week there are tests," he said.

"Generally, KIU is in a good position to continue operating virtually hence we are able to flourish even when the third Lockdown comes in," he added.

With the curtain slowly falling on his term of office, Musimenta and his team in the 2020-2021 Guild Union would only wish to see things differently at least in the remaining two months. His reign has been limited by the COVID-19 lockdown.