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Godfrey Agaba Is the New KIU Guild Union President


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Godfrey Agaba, a third-year student of law has this morning 19th April 19, 2023, been declared Guild President-elect by the KIU Guild Union Electoral Commission.

Ezra Nuwahoora, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission said that they had not received a challenger to give Agaba a run for the money so as to declare him an unopposed hence President-Elect, KIU Guild Union 2023-2024.

KIU practices an Electoral College democracy where the President is chosen by the parliamentarians such that the one with majority backers takes it all. Agaba had 22 elected members of the Guild Parliament at his back, leaving the would-be challengers with only six legislators to depend on.

Four Candidates had shown interest in running for the highest office prior to the college polls but all diminished immediately after the April 12th elections. From nowhere, the name Agaba filled the airwaves and once he picked his nomination form, the game was over. All the rest believed he could win, given his popular support both in the school of law and in the newly elected parliament.

Immediately after being declared president, Agaba said that his victory was not his own making but rather, a fruit of teamwork.

‘’All this you are seeing has not happened because of me, Agaba, no, this is a victory for team CK. What people didn’t know is that we are an organized team and thank God we are successful now despite a few challenges,’’ he said.

CK stands for Cyprian Katirima, one of the individuals that first wanted to become guild president and formed a camp that he named ‘’Team CK.’’ Agaba is a member of this camp and was initially meant to become a speaker if Katirima won the guild presidency. Unfortunately, Katirima failed to make it beyond the vetting committee so the member second in command, this time Agaba Godfrey had to be fronted to run for Guild Presidency.

Agaba was asked how it feels to become Guild President at Uganda’s leading private University.

‘’It is a great profile achieved and I will not take it for granted. Much as we are very excited, we have some fear of what lies ahead and we are determined to serve the entire University with utmost dedication,’’ he declared.

‘’I know that serving a University is a big thing. We pray for wisdom and guidance from God,’’ he added.

Agaba will be sworn in office to begin his official duties on 23rd April 19, 2023, the same day all the other Guild Union leaders will take oaths to assume their respective offices.