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Government Directs 62Bn Towards Renovating Schools


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

KIU, Main Campus - As schools are set to reopen on 10th January 2022, Government through the Ministry of Education and Sports has directed to schools about 62 billion Uganda Shillings through a capitation grant to use for renovation works.

This is due to the prolonged closure of learning institutions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for close to two years since March 2020, schools didn’t utilize the 107billion shillings already disbursed by the government under the capitation grant.

This was revealed by Hon Dr. Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, saying that education ministry, through Chief Accounting Officers, directed schools to utilize at least Shillings 62 billion for renovation ahead of the reopening on 10th January, 2022. 

Muyingo said they have directed Chief Administrative Officers to avail information about the capitation grant to the headteachers, saying that this is a process that is supposed to be carried out immediately.

He added that the Ministry of Education engaged all accounting officers and briefed them about the matter, saying that they should be held accountable for failing to share the information with school headteachers.

Meanwhile some headteachers are excited about this grant saying that the allocation will work towards renovation works and other simple tasks like slashing the compound, painting and repairing broken desks and chairs.