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Government Warns Schools on Exorbitant Charges


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

KIU, Main Campus - The Ministry of Education and Sports has cautioned schools across the country over exorbitant charges.

While speaking at the National "Bafe Back to School" Symposium in Kampala, the State Minister for Education and Sports, Hon. Dennis Hamson Obua, said policy guidelines were issued over the matter and the general principle is that government does not expect variation in fees.

Minister Obua challenged both public and private schools to internalize the policy directive issued over the matter and ensure compliance warning of possible administrative sanctions for those who will violate them.

This comes days to the official reopening of schools after nearly 2 years of closure due to the covid 19 pandemic.

According to the calendar, Primary, secondary technical, and community polytechnics will open and start operations on 10th January 2022 for a 14-week first term.