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"I am ready to face the World," KIU Fresh graduate Kwezi Abigaba


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Newly graduated Kwezi Abigaba has disclosed that he is ready to face the world with his professional abilities. Being a teacher and a product of Uganda's leading private University, Abigaba sees no obstacles in his path to success.

Abigaba is one of the over 2000 students that were passed out on Saturday 20th November 2021 during KIU'S 24th graduation ceremony, something that excited him so much.
"I feel very excited about my newly acquired achievement and ready to face the world with professional abilities I have acquired from the International University," a jolly Abigaba told KIUNEWS in a virtual interview.

 "This has not only equipped me with intellectual knowledge but also social capital which will enable me to manoeuvre different challenges in the world," he added.

Abigaba commends KIU for making him an all-around professional and for introducing him to the world through her international reputation and setting. He said that KIU kickstarted his leadership career, one he intends to build to the national level.

"I started my leadership career at KIU as prime minister of Kibale University Students Association (KUSA) from where I acquired a lot of skills and other things," Abigaba disclosed.

"One thing I can't forget is the friendship I have acquired through my leadership career at KIU harnessed by the favourable climate provided by the administration understand the leadership of Prof Mohammed Mbezamihingo," he stated.

Despite the excitement and jubilation upon graduation, Abigaba admits that his journey through KIU was not an easy one. It is his faith and God's mercy that saw him through.

"My academic journey at Kiu has not been an easy one, but God has been my everything in every situation and since I'm a faith of unity believer., This made me strong in every aspect of life while at KIU," he admitted.

"Omukama Ruhanga Owamahe played a fundamental role in every situation. My abilities to befriend lecturers played an important part as it made my discussions and studying easy through various consultations," he added.