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''I Discovered the Gold in Discussions,'' Norman


By Akugizibwe Isaac

KIU, Main Campus-Nabimanya Norman, a graduate student of Public administration is one of those that will graduate with first-class degrees during the university’s 23rd Graduation ceremony on Saturday, April 24th, 2021. With a C GPA of 4.51, he attributes his success to determination, hard work, consistency, and focusing on the goal.

Before joining KIU in August 2017, his brother tasked him to work for a first-class or else lose sponsorship. Because he was the main sponsor, Norman never took his brother’s words for granted. He made getting a first-class degree his number one priority at the campus.

''When I was joining KIU, my elder brother called me and told me that; Norman, I am going to pay your tuition but I want you to get a first-class degree. That forced me to make getting a first-class my main goal at the campus. So I prepared myself.'' Says Norman.

He admits that he is harvesting what he sowed. He engaged in discussions, made enough research using the internet, the library, and attended lectures regularly which he says played a very crucial role in his triumph.

''I am really happy that my efforts were not wasted. I must admit that I worked for this first-class through discussion groups, making enough research, and attending lectures regularly and actively. I also made sure am active in every lecture through engaging lecturers with questions and answers." He explains.

Norman was a leader of his 25-member discussion group where he was also the main discussant. Two members of that discussion group including Norman will graduate with first-class degrees and the rest with second class upper. According to Norman, no member of his discussion group ever got a retake during their course of study. It is upon this that he emphasizes the power of discussion.

"Discussions are really important for instance in year one I performed poorly because I was not discussing. I only focused on personal reading not until I discovered the gold in discussions. Since I started discussions, I have been scoring first-class and to assure you no one in my group ever got a retake," Norman explains.

He adds that his competitive spirit also contributed to his success. He always strived to be the best and at the top in class and outside class. 

Despite scoring a CGPA of 4.51, Norman says it wasn't his very best. His goal was to score at least 4.8 which he says failed due to a reluctant start to business in year one.

He is looking forward to transferring his competitive spirit, brilliance, and skills to any company that will finally employ him.