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"I Want to Motivate the Youth Through Music," KIU's FM Kid


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Patrick Nyakahuma a finalist student of mass communication at KIU main campus is determined to change lives through Music. Commonly known by his stage name, FM Kid, Patrick believes music can cause a positive impact on society.

Patrick is a benevolent fellow. He likes helping others, especially the youth and he believes there is nothing better he can do to make them happy than his craft.

"I like helping other people and making them happy through my music. My music inspires and motivates a lot of the youths," he says.

Music has been part of him all life-long despite first taking to the studio after joining KIU for a diploma in mass communication in 2018. "Since my childhood, I have always dreamed of becoming a musician. Before I even joined the university I already knew what I wanted to do" he says.

However, his parents did not welcome the idea of their son forming an acquaintance with music. "Just like most of us go to school without studying their desired courses. I knew I was going to do music, but my parents didn't support the idea at that time. So I did Journalism because that's what they wanted me to do," he confesses. "But with time I have been able to gain their confidence, for instance, my mother gave money to shoot my very first music video," he adds.

While in high school Nyakahuma thought about starting off a career in music but that remained unhatched because of time since he had to work for better grades. He only found time to utilise his talent when he joined Kampala International University.

"I officially started doing music immediately after high school when I joined University in 2018. My first record Fetuliko was produced at JahKnow studio in Kabalagala with producer *Heckto*, he says.

A versatile artist, Nyakahuma can perfectly perform dance hall, Pop and Afro beats. He likes to make people dance and feel happy.

"Before you sing, you need to understand yourself as an artist. Over time, understanding myself and my brand has enabled me to realise that I like to make people dance. I believe in helping other people and making them happy. So l do that kind of music because is where I find pleasure," he explains.

Like all the other talents, striking a balance between academics and a vocation can be quite challenging but for Nyakahuma, each has got its time.

"'s quite difficult for me, I won't lie. I'm putting more focus on books because I will be done with University very soon and that will give me full focus on my music career. I do hit the studio when I have the vibe, and it is not a daily thing. This has helped me to handle these two easily," he admits.

Though he is yet to walk the path of Eddie Kenzo, Nyakahuma sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

"Music has helped me In life. l have made friends and fans, and it is making me famous. I am paid to sing. Basically, music is destined to make my life better," he affirms.

Nyakahuma is an ardent student of Uganda's music star Eddie Kenzie from who he hopes to benchmark his craft in the next five years. "In five years I would like to see myself as one of the music influencers that would keep on scene. I want to inspire and motivate most people, especially the youths through music and other achievements," he says.

"I want to be that artist who leaves a positive legacy in Uganda and even other parts of the world," he adds.