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Isabayanda Missed First Class by a Whisker due to Tuition stress


KIU, Main Campus -Herbert Isabayanda, a graduate student of Education majoring in English Language and Literature is happy that he will finally graduate on Saturday, April 24 2021. 

With a CGPA of 4.15, he misses first-class by just a fraction and is thankful though not very happy with the score.

With his single mother operating a cloth merchandise shop in Katumba trading center in Kirumya Sub-county, Bundibugyo district, finding tuition has not been easy on their side. With a bag of worries at his back, Isabayanda never thought about giving up. He encouraged his mother to get loans with which she has been able to facilitate his studying.

Despite living with such kind of worries, Isabayanda exhibited rare bravery that he even could afford to engage in students' politics alongside learning. He staged an unsuccessful attempt to lead the college of Education and Distance Learning as President before winning one of the most competitive campaigns to emerge victorious in the 2019/20 Guild Union parliamentary elections. While in the Guild Union, Herbert was appointed Minister of Entertainment, Religion and Culture, a position he managed with rare dexterity.

He also admits that engaging in politics also played a role in his miss though he maintains that not getting tuition in time affected him psychologically and saw him miss his goal by a narrow margin.

Isabayanda wants to become a vibrant academic in Uganda. He is looking forward to advancing for Masters in Linguistics.