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Judiciary Enrolls About 100 Lawyers as Advocates


By Stuart Bogere

KIU, Main Campus - Uganda's Judiciary has enrolled 103 lawyers as advocates of the High Court. The exercise that took place last week at the Judiciary Headquarters was presided over by the Registrar High Court, Samuel Emokor, representing the Chief Registrar, Sarah Langa Siu.

Emokor called upon the new advocates to acquire as much knowledge as possible and keep abreast with new trends and laws.

"Whenever you have an experience be it in a courtroom or otherwise, pick something new," he said. 

He also urged them to always uphold honesty, integrity, dilligence, competence, transparency, compassion, sobriety and respect if they are to become good and upright advocates of justice that society is looking for.

The current President Uganda Law Society, Nabasa Pheona Wall, who also served as a teaching assistant at Kampala International University, urged the young lawyers to define who they are and be faithful to their professional identity.

"Today is the begining of what can be an amazing career, each of you need a personal mission statement...if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything," she said.

Wall also asked the lawyers to prove worthy of their calling and speak for those that can not speak for themselves. 

Meanwhile, Aaron Motoka, the Secretary of the Law Council, urged the advocates to represent the repute and nobility of the profession during thier practice. 

"So speak and act like a lawyer. You are now bound by oath to abide by the code of conduct of advocates," he said.