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KIU 25th Graduation: Law Graduate student, Kirabo anticipates a surprise graduation party


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-With her name on the final graduation list, Esther Kirabo will surely graduate with a second class upper of a bachelor of laws at KIU'S 25th graduation ceremony on Saturday 11th June 2022.

It is their family's norm to surprise graduands with congratulatory parties and with a few days on the count down, Esther Kirabo is sure, it is her time to feast though she can't tell what it is likely to be.

"As a norm, my family always makes surprise graduation parties to all graduands at home and am the next in the line, so I don't know how mine will be celebrated," she says.

Being a law student, Kirabo has had to endure four years of intense reading, discussions, research and everything that comes with life on Campus. Now that it is evident that some of that stress, will be put on hold, she has all reasons to celebrate.

 "Finding my name Kirabo Esther on the graduation list gave me elation because it was evident that I excelled hence making my academic journey a success," she admits.

"The journey has been long enough, it has involved a lot of expenses, reading and writing coupled with a high level of concentration, research work, observance of our professional ethics and conduct, participation in group discussions and class presentations, social networking, for example, mooting with counsel from other campuses, Commitment, resilience, perseverance, humility, patience, seriousness, discipline and God above all," she narrates.

Despite enjoying everything at Uganda's leading Private University, no such thing ever excited Kirabo as finding her name on the graduation list.
"The moment after seeing my name on the graduation list has been the best because it came with a lot of serenity," she affirms.

Her worst moment was the day she failed to write a paper due to financial constraints but because of never giving up spirit, Kirabo will surely bask in absolute joy this weekend. We can not help but wish her the very best. Congratulations.