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KIU 26th Graduation: Nabuuma Ready for Work Environment


KIU, Main Campus – Lydia Divine Nabuuma will be one of the students to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Finance and Accounting at KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony on Saturday November 12.

And she says thanks to the academic environment provided by KIU, she has been able to equip herself with knowledge to apply in the work environment.

“I intend to apply all the knowledge equipped to inspire others through working with integrity in all I engage in and contribute to improving the society at large,” says Nabuuma, who acted as a Class Coordinator during her time at the university.

Nabuuma adds that she leaves KIU not only with academic credentials but other skills as well, especially the social and communication bit of it.

“Socially, I was able to learn more about how to associate with others as well as acquiring great communication skills,” she notes.

Nabuuma, who wants to pursue further studies, hails the great environment at KIU that favors smooth reading and learning culture.

She advises anyone intending to acquire quality education to look no further than KIU so that they can  equip themselves with great knowledge from the leading private university in Uganda.

She has a lot of words of gratitude for those who assisted her through her education journey at KIU.

“I appreciate the almighty god for blessing me in order to complete this course. I also appreciate my parents, brothers and all family members who have worked tirelessly to see me achieve this victory . In addition, I would like to thank my University for giving me a chance to achieve this bachelor’s degree. Lastly, I send my appreciation to my classmates and friends for working with me to achieve this victory. God bless you all,” she signs off.

Congratulations Nabuuma!