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KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony: Mukama Wants to be a Lawyer That Helps


KIU, Main Campus – There is a common saying – joke or not – that lawyers will not go to heaven, apparently because they are liars, selfish and all the negative attributes you can think of. But it seems Rashid Mukama is a lawyer in a different mould.

As he gets his Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Mukama says he wants to help needy students who can’t afford school fees so that they can achieve their dreams, just like he will at KIU’s 27th Graduation Ceremony.

“I want to contribute to society by helping the needy, especially those students lacking educational support because I know many students have dreams of achieving academic success but they are financially handicapped,” Mukama says.

Mukama is a person that is not unappreciative though, and he hails KIU for putting him where he is now; on the brink of achieving his life-long dream of being a lawyer and also instilling in him attributes that have made him a better human being.

“The time I have spent at KIU has been fruitful. What I can say is that it was like a blessing because that's where my journey of success started,” he notes.

“I have learnt that in life, I have to be determined, focused, be able to encounter challenges, be patient and also learnt not to lose hope in life,” he adds.

Mukama congratulates his fellow graduands but also cautions them that they should be ready to face the realities of life.

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