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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Funda to Concetrate on Pharmacognosy and Clinical Practice


KIU, Western Campus – Michael Daniel Funda made KIU Western Campus his academic home in 2018, and he has had a transformative journey in Pharmacy in all these years.

And now, the Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy graduate-to-be says he wants to make Pharmacognosy and Clinical Practice his focus.

“I plan to apply the wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge gained at KIU in my professional endeavors, with a focus on Pharmacognosy and Clinical Practice,” Funda says.

The former KIU Pharmacy Students Association (KIUPSA) president and class representative made sure his time in leadership was worthwhile.

“As President of the Pharmacy Students Association and a class representative for three years, I had the privilege of creating impactful moments, from organizing numerous community engaging events to advocating for my peers,” Funda recalls.

“I engaged in leadership roles to complement my academic journey and enhance my personal and professional development,” he adds.

Funda plans to further his studies in Pharmacy and he says he is already doing some online virtual programs after which, he will take on physical programs.

“I am contemplating future education plans to further specialize in Pharmacy, driven by a commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence so as to deepen my expertise in Pharmacy and contribute more significantly to healthcare,” he stresses.

He acknowledges the fact that he has not done this alone, and he wants to send his thanks to some people who have been there for him.

“I would not have made it if this was a lone journey, my dear parents being the biggest support, my colleagues and friends for the academic and social support, my lecturers for the continuous guidance along this academic journey,” he remarks.

“Also, Pharmacy school senior and junior colleagues for giving me an opportunity to leadership, not forgetting myself for all this hard work and never quitting. Above all, the almighty God who has enabled me get this far and I believe getting me further,” he adds.

He advises his fellow graduands to embrace challenges, seek opportunities, and forge their unique path.

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