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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Joackim Ssesanga to Fight Anti-Microbial Resistance


KIU, Western Campus – Joackim Ssesanga will be among the graduands on KIU’s 28th Graduation Ceremony on November 25 at KIU Main Campus.

And the fresh pharmacist says he will gear his energies towards fighting Anti-Microbial resistance (AMR) in the country, since he is an AMR steward.

“As an AMR steward, I intend to promote safe, efficient and cost-effective utilization of medicines in hospitals and community pharmacies through sensitization of fellow medics and the public on the effects of irrational use of medicines,” Ssesanga says.

According to the World Health Organization, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer respond to antimicrobial medicines. As a result of drug resistance, antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines become ineffective and infections become difficult or impossible to treat, increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness, disability and death.

“Since I'm a medic who made a vow that, "the health of my patients shall be my first priority", I intend use my knowledge to improve and better the lives of the citizens of this country and beyond,” he adds.

Ssesanga says he joined KIU because it offered him the course he was passionate about as he had always wanted to be a pharmacist and he says he will never regret the decision he made.

“I will never forget the opportunities KIU gave me because under KIUPSA (KIU Pharmacy Students Association), I was able to serve in the Uganda Pharmaceutical Students Association (UPSA) cabinet as the Finance Secretary,” he reveals.

He urges his fellow graduands to keep the connections they have made throughout university as they might need them in the future.

“We are now out of school but we should maintain a network and connection we've built while at campus. This is the only way we shall survive out there,” he advises.

Ssesanga thanks his parents, Cate Nakayovu, John Kasiriko and the late Ssesanga Ernest Gombe. Dr. Christopher Ssekandi, Prof. Margaret Nabasirye, Geofrey Mujabi and Kasalina Kalyango for being there for him throughout his course.

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