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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Mustapha's Remarkable Journey from Somalia to KIU


Abdihafid Mustaf Elmi is a driven and ambitious individual hailing from the vibrant nation of Somalia poised to achieve a remarkable milestone in his academic journey. With a heart full of gratitude and eyes set on the future, he is one of the students who will be graduating from Kampala International University (KIU) at the 28th graduation ceremony, on November 25, 2023.

Mustapha who joined KIU in 2019 started with a Higher Education Certificate foundation Programme and later enrolled for a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management which he has completed and now he is ready to embark on a new chapter as he prepares to pursue his master's degree at the very institution that shaped his academic foundation.

"My Motive to join KIU was that KIU holds a significant position in our country and it’s the most demanded academic background by the Senior employers in Somalia,” Abdihafid said.

As a Somali student at KIU, he and his fellow countrymen and women feel a strong cultural fit with the university's community and values. This cultural resonance not only motivates him but also enriches his overall academic experience.

When asked about his decision to continue his education at KIU for his master's, he explained,

"I have completed my bachelor's degree at Kampala International University, and I am already familiar with the campus, faculty, and resources. This familiarity can make my transition to a master's program more comfortable."

He adds that this decision was rooted in the belief that a smooth transition would enable him to focus on his studies and personal growth, without the added challenge of adapting to a new academic environment.

During his bachelor's programme, he was voted president of Somali students at KIU which was an opportunity for him to build his leadership skills.

"KIU has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth, equipping me with invaluable leadership skills. Throughout my tenure, I had the opportunity to enhance my leadership abilities, gaining hands-on experience in team management and making pivotal decisions."

Reflecting on the specific academic achievements and experiences from his undergraduate program that have prepared him for his master's studies, Mustapha pointed out several key factors.

"Staying at the same university for both degrees provides me continuity in education," he said. "I can build on the knowledge and relationships I have developed during my bachelor's program." This continuity promises a seamless progression in his educational journey.

KIU is renowned for its commitment to excellence in various programs of study, and Mustapha recognized this as a vital factor in his decision.

"The faculty members are experts in my area of study," he stated, highlighting the invaluable mentorship and guidance he anticipates in the years ahead.

The research facilities and opportunities at KIU that align with his academic career goals have also been a significant motivator for Mustapha to maintain his association with the university.

Mustapha sees the long-term networking benefits as a KIU alumnus as a compelling reason to continue his education at the institution. In his home country, Somalia, KIU enjoys a strong reputation and holds the first choice for employers across various business sectors. The alumni network offers a wealth of opportunities and connections that will undoubtedly benefit his future career.