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KIU 28th GRADUATION: What Next for Mass Communication Graduate Isaac Tayebwa


By Agnes Doreen

KIU, MAIN CAMPUS- Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, fresh graduate Isaac Tayebwa has four things on his mind.

"Now that I have graduated, four things are on my mind; coming back for a master’s degree, joining politics and representing my Rukiiga Constituency, in Rukiiga district, South Western Uganda in parliament, being a media innovator, I have already started to create job opportunities for journalists and applying all the skills attained from this university in life," revealed Tayebwa.

Tayebwa's ambitious plans come at a time when he is celebrating the end of about 20 years spent as a student in different levels of education institutions.

"There is no greater feeling I have ever registered like this one. I am so happy that this marks the end of about 20 years that I have spent in education. My goals, academic goals have been fulfilled," he added.

Tayebwa's celebration comes alongside the celebration of over 1,861 graduates that were passed out by Kampala International University during the 28th graduation ceremony held on Saturday, November 25, 2023, at the main campus in Kansanga, Kampala.

Tayebwa is also one of the students who got a chance to be enrolled in the media challenge fellowship program, an intensive multimedia training which trains 26 outstanding students of journalism and mass communication from various universities in Uganda for a period of more than 6 months.