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KIU 29th Graduation Ceremony: Mack M Gbangandimbo's Journey of Insight at KIU


KIU, MAIN CAMPUS- As the sun sets on another academic year, Kampala International University (KIU) prepares to bid farewell to yet another cohort of accomplished graduates on its 29th Graduation ceremony to be held on Saturday, 15th June 2024, at the Main campus in Kansanga.

Among the thousands of graduands is Mack Marcus Gbangandimbo, a student whose journey through the corridors of academia has been nothing short of remarkable.

Coming from the Central African Republic, Gbangandimbo's path to KIU was paved with curiosity and ambition. It was through diligent research and recommendations from friends and family that he got to learn about KIU.

Through its diverse academic programs and vibrant campus life and with a keen interest in Development Studies, Gbangandimbo found himself captivated by KIU's commitment to providing a well-rounded education in a dynamic environment.

"My academic journey has been mind blowing, mostly the lecturers with the meaningful and insightful teachings about management of disaster, how to design policies, how to manage conflict and maintain peace and so much more," said Gbangandimbo.

Yet, it's not just the academic grades that Gbangandimbo will carry with him as he crosses the stage on graduation day. He speaks fondly of the hospitality shown by his lecturers towards international students, the invaluable resources found within the university's beloved Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library, and the enriching interactions with students from around the globe.

Looking ahead, Gbangandimbo is eager to share the knowledge gained from his time at KIU with the world. "I would like to share this knowledge with others, and I will commit to using it to make a positive impact change by solving challenges in my country, Africa, and globally," he added.

Going forward, Gbangandimbo plans to enrol for a PhD, with KIU remaining his university of choice.

"I'll still choose KIU to pursue my PhD anytime soon," saying he has confidence in the university's ability to nurture his aspirations for making a positive difference in the world.

With a message of determination and discipline, Gbangandimbo encourages current students to stay focused on their goals and embrace the opportunities that come their way.