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KIU 29th Graduation: I Feel Proud of Myself - Abdullahi Hassan Kahin


Abdullahi Hassan Kahin is thrilled to have achieved his ultimate goal at KIU, a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy. Kahin is proud that he will be among the graduands at KIU's 29th graduation ceremony on July 13th, 2024.

"I feel incredibly accomplished to have reached this milestone in my life. It required a lot of hard work, but I am grateful I made this sacrifice for both my wife and me." Abdullahi said.

"I am proud of myself, confident in my abilities, and have a strong sense of achievement."

Kahin plans to use the knowledge he gained at KIU to create opportunities in Africa and around the world.

"This knowledge will enhance my professional career, and I intend to collaborate with my fellow alumni, both from my country and other nationalities, to create opportunities across the African continent and globally."

He also shared a message for continuing students.

"Dear students, welcome to the KIU family, full of exciting opportunities! I believe in each one of you and your immense potential. Together, we will explore intriguing knowledge, engage in stimulating discussions with lecturers, and embark on a journey of discovery."