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KIU Advocacy: Ugandans Advised Against Domestic Violence


KIU, Main Campus – During a televised address on Monday evening about the countries effort to stop COVID-19, President Yoweri Museveni urged Ugandans to stop domestic violence as this will bring peace within our families.

This comes a week after the police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the police have continued to register cases of COVID-19 since the country went into lockdown.

“I have been told that some families do not want to live with each other. You should use dialogue instead of fighting. You don’t have to agree but however you don’t have to fight, you should, therefore, tolerate each other” said Museveni.

‘’Family are the purpose for life, the rest like food, shelter, are facilitations for life” Museveni added.

Between March 30th and April 28th, a total of 3,280 cases of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) were reported to police, in addition to 283 cases of violence against the children according to the ministry.

KIU’s DVC FA, Assoc. Professor, Janice Busingye chimed in on the issue of GBV in the lockdown period. 

“When we finally defeat COVID-19, we will all need each other. Let's not let the stress of being in the same physical space and the pressure of being away from work, bring out the worst in us. Let's pull towards each other and not apart. We will need each other post COVID-19,” she said.


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