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KIU Advocates for Violence-Free Elections

KIU, Main Campus - On Friday, 28th February 2020, KIU Guild Cabinet together with other universities, attended the Electoral Violence Prevention National Stakeholders' meeting, organised by the Center for Electoral Violence Prevention (CEVP) at St. Augustine Institute in Nsambya. 

This meeting was held in preparation for the upcoming 2021 national elections. CEVP,  a non-profit organization that advocates for peaceful involvement of citizens in electoral processes by engaging directly with stakeholders, researching, educating, training and partnering with those working in election spaces, realised the need for young leaders to advocate for peaceful elections come 2021.

During the stakeholders' meeting, Executive Director CEVP, Patricia Akao, encouraged the young leaders to strive for a violence-free and fair election. 

"The future of Uganda is important to all leaders. We hope to engage other spaces in the near future to stop violence in politics," Patricia said.

In addition, Charles Odongtho, the moderator, encouraged the various university leaders to stop political violence using their own means,  starting from universities and other institutions of higher learning.

In unison, the KIU guild leaders urged the nation to strive for a "Violence-Free Election" in 2021.