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KIU Alumni: Ruhweza Atwooki Vows To Change Young Minds Through Blogging


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Ibrahim Ruhweza Atwooki, the Managing Editor of Dreamchaser magazine and a former student at KIU Main campus has expressed his long-time desire to positively change the mindset of young people through blogging.

While addressing media students during an internship orientation at the Dreamchaser magazine office in Kabalagala at Tirupati Mazima mall on November 17, Ruhweza said that contributing towards the construction of a positive mindset amongst young people was his lifelong dream.

‘I have always wanted to contribute positively towards changing the mindset of young people in a positive way. Now that I have the chance of technology I will continue doing it through blogging.’’ Ruhweza said.

He also encouraged media students to embrace and exploit the available technological resources in order to survive in the highly competitive job market. He said that most companies look for finished products nowadays unlike in the past when documents were preconditions for every job.

‘’We really need to embrace this era where everything seems very possible with the startling technological innovations and resources. Blogging is one of them and it pays when you do it well and consistently not forgetting the ethics of course,’’ He explained.

Ibrahim also encouraged media students to invest in information dissemination and avoid wasting time-consuming useless information on social media. He urged them to use their good time to create more useful information through blogging.

Ibrahim Ruhweza Atwooki graduated from KIU Main Campus in November 2018 with a Bachelors Degree in  Mass Communication despite being employed by Dreamchaser magazine as a writer one year before. He has since risen through the ranks to become the magazine’s Managing Editor, turning it into one of the most inspirational blogs in Uganda.

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