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KIU Alumni Voices: Deus Nabaasa Explores Political Heights


KIU, Western Campus – Deus Nabaasa Kasajabu made the decision to join elective politics after an avoidable decision from one of the local leaders came at a huge cost.

The leader, whom Nabaasa doesn’t want to name, turned away a woman who came complaining of domestic violence and she later got a miscarriage after the husband beat her up for trying to report him to the authorities.

“This woman had been wanting to conceive for a long time but when she finally got the chance, she had a miscarriage, which could have been avoided if this person (the leader) had helped her,” Nabaasa says.

It is majorly for this reason that Nabaasa has decided to stand for the position of LC V Councillor for Bushenyi District Central Division.

Nabaasa, a graduate of Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at KIU, says too many illiterate and semi-illiterate people have found their way into politics yet they don’t have the expertise to make informed decisions.

“Many uneducated people have joined politics and they make decisions which turn out to be costly yet the majority of the population have gone to school,” Nabaasa says.

“It is time that we wrestle back the political mantle and make decisions that offer value for the trust that people invest in us. How can someone that did not even complete high school make a decision for people who have degrees? It is not rational,” he adds.

Nabaasa says the foundation of his leadership will be trust, transparency and the development-driven agenda that the ordinary youth need.

“It is we the youth that have to be at the forefront of developing this nation. And since we are the majority, we have to decide which direction our country should take,” the soft-spoken Nabaasa says.

Nabaasa says the COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for many students and a lesson that they should always think outside the box.

He says students should not only look at completing studies and getting employed but rather to always try out new ideas and putting their knowledge to other uses.

“You don’t only have to be employed by someone. There are many things out there which you can do and be successful, and as our motto says, you should always try to explore the heights,” Nabaasa advises.

Picture credit: courtesy photo