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KIU Alumni Voices: How Sovereign Hasahya Got Her First Class Degree


Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Sovereign Hasahya was not only the first student from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration to graduate with a first-class degree at KIU in three years, but she was also the best female student at Kampala International University’s 21st graduation ceremony.

 But do you know how she did it?

Hasahya attributes her academic success to her indisputable relationship with God.

"I always put God first and in fact, we had a university fellowship where I was head. This fellowship would keep me closer to God from whom I would seek guidance all the time," says Hasahya.

She also says that she knew what she really wanted to achieve and her eyes were immediately set on getting the best degree the moment she got admitted at the University of her dreams.

"I knew I wanted to excel in Social Sciences when I joined KIU," says the lean, tall, dark-skinned Hasahya. 

“That's why I had to befriend my Head of Department as early as possible though I joined a month late," She adds.

Hasahya says she also had to befriend lecturers, read books, do extensive research and have her university at heart and believe that it could offer her the best education and training.

“I read books, did lots of research but also I made lecturers my best friends and indeed I always found it very easy to consult them whenever I came across some tough theories and questions, " she narrates.

Hasahya did not stop at being a good student in class. She also served in many leadership positions during her three years at KIU. 

Most notable of these was being Minister of Gender and Member of Parliament representing the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the KIU Guild Union. She was also the President of KIU Social Work Students Association and she attained all these posts in the same academic year; 2018-2019.

Hasahya reveals the secret ingredient behind her success at juggling academics and leadership.

"It's all about time management and how you program yourself. I did all my leadership roles perfectly, attended discussion groups and had my other time to visit the library for revision," she explains.

Hasahya is looking forward to upgrading in Social Sciences and concentrating on her lifelong dream of becoming a powerful leader.

She hopes to contest for the position of Female Affairs for Butaleja District in the upcoming National Youth Council elections in 2021. 

Picture credit: Courtesy photo