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KIU Alumni Voices: Kenny Klama Vows to Conquer the World Through Music


Isaac Akugizibwe 

KIU, Main Campus - Despite holding a Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy, rapper Kennedy Klama alias Kenny Klama is looking forward to conquering the world through music. He wants to change people's mindset using his talent. 

Klama, a strong admirer of American Hip Hop star Kendrick Lamar is a versatile artiste.  He can almost do every music genre although he concentrates on Hip Hop. He does his thing mostly in English, a reason he hopes will accelerate his global voyage. 

"I want to conquer the whole world through music. I don't just sing for Ugandans alone, I do it for everyone in the world. Literally that's why I use English in almost all my lyrics, " says Klama. 

Apart from conquering the world, Kenny hopes to change his homeland, Karamoja through music. He wants to build an undisputable legacy at home as well as at the international level. 

" I am also looking at my home community in Karamoja. I hope to change it and contribute something to the wellbeing of my people through sharing developmental messages in my music,” Klama explains. 

He started recording music in 2017 though he began writing lyrics as early as 2012 when he was in S. 3.  He has so far recorded more than 15 songs. He has released six of them.  Due to financial constraints, Klama finds it hard to record and release as many songs as he writes. 

"I have really written a number of songs but due to lack of enough financial resources, I have managed to record and release only a few," he reflects. 

The 25-year-old graduated from Kampala international University with a Bachelors of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies in November 2019. Despite suffering a setback due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Klama is confident, his music will soon take over the airwaves. 

His latest single titled 'Mwaga' is one you would wish to listen and dance to every time it rocks your ears.  Look it up on You tube, and enjoy the vibe.